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Description: Aztec Invasion Mod for Medieval 2 Total War v1.0

What the mod does
Simply, makes the Aztecs a playable faction, gives them the means to cross the Atlantic and cleans up some now-redundant scripting.

Thanks to repman's post here identifying the 'undiscovered parameter and the community's tutorials here - we've now been able to make a mod that allows the Aztecs to invade the Old World.

Installation instructions
Take the descr_strat.txt, campaign_script.txt and descr_mercenaries.txt files from the zipped folder and use them to overwrite the existing versions in your Medieval 2 Total War/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign folder.

NB Make a copy of the original versions of these files first as backups!

NB2 You may have to remove the write-protection on the original files. Do this by right-clicking on them, clicking Properties and then deselecting the Read-only attribute.

How it works in the game

The Aztecs now appear on the Select Faction screen. Lots of the description stuff is missing - but we'll have to wait for an unpacker to fix that.

The Aztec field armies start off near the beach where ships can be boarded and now ocean-going Carrack ships are available as mercenaries.

Hire a few Carracks and set sail

A long journey to the Old World and there's some unpleasant weather en route

Finally land in a wintry land filled with strange people speaking a foreign tongue

Let the Aztec Invasion begin!

The Aztec Empire has a new outpost - and in an even more bizarre turn of fate, some of your own warriors have rebelled and now defend these savages of the eastern isles.

A few gameplay notes
1) Don't upgrade your cities back in Mexico as you'll lose your recruitment options.
2) The carracks will refresh but not for a long while so take good care of them.
3) Despite your funds and secure home base - performing a one faction invasion of the entire of Europe with stretched supply lines and extremely limited building options is still going to be a challenge!

Hosting courtesy of the Org at mizus.com

Free use - You may alter and adapt this modification for other public modifications freely subject to the following conditions. It may not be used for any commercial purpose. The creator of the modification must be identified within the credits included in any release.

To check it out, visit Aztec Invasion Mod