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    Please someone help me. Is the patch going to fix this. I like to look down on the lower right hand side and see the year NOT the ROUND!! What kind of shananigans is this? It takes away from the realness a little I think. I could care a less what round it is but the year I do care about. I have a narrator in my head that likes to quote the year when I do something major. In any case like in RTW they could have given us the year and even the season sheesh. Overall I love the game another thing tho is this...Each turn is two years? What? Yes I am playing the short campaign and each turn is 2 years or so. NOT REALISTIC AT ALL!!! Are you trying to tell me it takes 2 years to march from Scotland back to London. NO wonder the wives were getting restless it took damn near 6 years to march across the street sheesh. I hope the patch addresses at least some of these issues. Any hoo I love the game but there are a couple of quirks that irk me. But still worth the money. TOTAL REALISM PEOPle this one is for you guys help us out lol. Later all live long and prosper.

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    Go down into your data tree for the game, and find the descr_strat.txt file. Open that in notepad or worldpad. Find a line that reads "Show_date_as_turns" or something similar, and delete it. Voila.
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    There is a thread here somewhere that tells you how to mod a file so you can increase the length of the game. As for that notification you request (turns etc), don't know about that

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    Thanks for the hint guys!


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