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    Default Morocco

    The official thread will be used to add more information about the faction.

    For now you can post anything you find useful including ideas for faction specific buildings, events, advisors etc MILITARY UNITS EXCLUDED - that is well researched and only later we will possibly need more details.

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    Default Re: Morocco

    official name: Al Maghrib,

    -Capitol for PM's purposes, Marrakush ("berber" Marrakush).
    -major cities: Fez ("arab" Fez) , Tangier , Tlemclen, Sijilimasa.

    -Main dynasty's: Saadi and Alouite dynasties, both were berber tribes to begin with and then gained the support of the local sufis to create their letgitimacy.

    -Troops: yet to come, mix of berber and arab cavaliers/ privateers and ghulams taken from black slaves.

    Main enemies are the Ottomans and Songhai/Wolof troops to the south. In the 1600's, the Alouite dynasty invaded the songhai empire and defeated them with the help of turkish/european firearms.
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