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    Well, I'm not a good historian, but did the pope play as significant role in XVII century as he did in medieval times? This leads me to a question whether it's good to sacrify the faction slot for Papal states, while you could put somoen else there.

    And if the pope stayed in game, then I think we should limit it , so that he wouldn't call the crusades anymore, nor send inquistition (I think that the religious wars were rather inspired by the catholic countries rather than by the Holy See)

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    Calling for a crusade is still useful. Inquisition will be removed.

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    Thumbs up Pope and Rome

    Rome in XVI century reached over 100 000 inhabitants and had 54 churches, 60 palaces, large number of villas, new streets and waterworks (system).

    Pope Pius VI (1566-1572) was fanatical, ascetic and aggressive person. He encouraged Duke of Alba to eradicate Protestants in Netherlands and demanded from Don Juan of Austria to destroy Ottoman fleet at Lepanto.
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