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Thread: Few questions about crusading

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    Default Few questions about crusading

    Is it possible to ask a Pope to call a crusade against a city controlled by the rebels? Or must it be owned by some "real" faction.

    And a second question. The manual on p. 41 says "The greater the percentage of the population of taken to Heresy in a settlement, the more likely a Pope will approve a Crusade there". Does "Heresy" mean the percentage of the population being heretic on a city screen or simply being non-catholic?

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    At the beginning Jerusalem is rebel so I think the pope can call a crusade on anyone even rebels and heretic does mean the percentage of people being heretic its shown as a separate religion in if you look at the city browser thing.
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    Yeah, I've asked the pope to call several crusades and they can be called against excommunicated catholic factions, muslim factions and rebel factions - I think whether or not he'll call crusades against orthodox factions, dependt on their standing with the paplal states . . .


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