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Thread: A couple mod Ideas

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    Default A couple mod Ideas

    Here is a list of wars that could be made into mods (or u could combine them over the years)
    • The French & Indian War
    • Pontiac's War
    • The American Revolution
    • The American Civil War
    • The War of 1812
    • Mexican-American War
    • Spanish-American War
    • World War I
    • World War II
    • (And maybe a Star Wars Mod)

    Or Maybe a mod that spans from the discovery of America to the American Revolution (and has all the wars in between) or something (would probably take a really long time to make)

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    Default Re: A couple mod Ideas

    There is a mod about the American Revolution, the others dont seem to appealing to me. Starwars and WW mods wont work to great.


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