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Thread: Half decent map in UK PC Gamer

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    Default Half decent map in UK PC Gamer

    Just a heads-up for those of owners of the regular M2TW who are disappointed not to have a map included - the December edition (ie the one out now) of PC Gamer in the UK has a double page screenshot on p60-61 that would serve as a half decent replacement map. A few bits are obscured by faction labels, and I suspect it is cut off in the east, but it's not bad for seeing most of the provinces, faction starting positions and cities. (The slow movement of agents makes knowing where a city is rather useful - I guess it will be second nature soon, but is valuable now.)

    The mag is rather expensive (£5.99 for the DVD version) so I guess you'd be better off with the collectors edition. But as well as the M2TW review (94%), PC Gamer reviews Neverwinter Nights 2 (90% ) and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (80%, also with what seems like a servicable strategy map - of a disappointingly small world).

    EDIT: You could save £5.99; some kind soul posted a link to a M2TW map in the Mod Chat forum:
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    Default Re: Half decent map in UK PC Gamer

    Thanks for the heads up Econ

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    Default Re: Half decent map in UK PC Gamer

    Bordeaux is part of France on the map but not in game other wise it looks solid.

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    Default Re: Half decent map in UK PC Gamer

    That map was posted earlier before the game came out ( ). Bordeaux did belong to France on this screenshot ( but not anymore in game. Me and nodey could not have known that at that time.


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