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    If there are to be a Medival TW 3 why not have jousting part of the game? Wouldnt it be nice to have the option to call a tournament and a small actionsequense when your night tries to throw of another night from his horse? Defender of the crown had it, why not TW?

    It was part of the Medieval Times after all:)

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    Would be nice to see, but that that would be more RPG content than standardly shows up in Total War games, so it's very unlikely.

    If you haven't already, you should check out Mount & Blade, a medieval combat simulator (trying hard to call itself an RPG but it's pretty much just battles). Several of the mods for that game have a full-scale jousting match, including the de-horsed round.
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    I agree, that would be a cute little subgame. Pick family members and generals to face off - winner gets something nice - money/honour/reputation/land. Loser might get a dead general.


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