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Thread: idea for a plague mod

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    Default idea for a plague mod

    I think plagues in general are not influential enough in MTW games. they happen but they don't deal that much damage.
    I've had 4 plagues in my one game in 4 different cities and I could care less. so I lost one of my 1 star generals and about 1000 people in every city, but I don't care enough.

    so what i think should be done is the effects of a plague should be magnified dramatically. it is after all a number one killer in middle ages (take that heart disease!)
    so anyway, I had a couple of ideas, but since I don't really know how to mod I thought someone else might come this into consideration in whatevr realism mod someone is making.

    so for one, the effect should spread to other cities. realistically speaking, if a plague outbreak happens, people will try to run and if they've been infected or came into close contact with those that have, they'll spread it to the nearest cities. which means that a lot of neighbourly cities will suffer as well.
    so it would be actually great to have an option of isolating a city, establish a quarantine of a sorts but taking a huge dissent hit instead, which would require you to send tons of soldiers into the city (to prevent a revolt), but knowing that you;ll lose some of them to the effects of plague.
    it would also be nice if you could have an option of spreading the disease to your enemies. it has been done in the past and one of the first uses of bacteriological weapons was mongolians throwing victims of plague over the walls of novgorod during their conquests.

    as of now, I think it is possible to infect an enemy if you send an infected spy into their city, but I've never been able to succeed because he usually dies before he reaches the city.

    it would also be fun to have an actual black death outbreak, sort of like an event hitting few cities and spreading like crazy, so that all european nations would suffer greatly.

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    Default Re: idea for a plague mod

    There is a black death event in the game resulting in a huge pandemic and starting 1346 in eastern europe and raging(!) on to the west. For the next four rounds you will get a scripted event how the plague continues. I don't think you should enlarge this effect. I played as Spain and had 20 povinces at that point. After the plague hit me and lastet for 8-12 rounds I lost about 200.000 people, 10.000 Soldiers, 3 Generals and my hard earned money dropped from 30.000 to -25.000. I had a round income of 8.000 and I could not do anything for nearly 20 rounds because of the big income shortage I recieved and the rebuilding of my armies.

    I guess a city isolation option is not an easy thing to do, as such a feature would mean to change the hard code.

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    Default Re: idea for a plague mod

    The plague hits hard but recovery can be quick.


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