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    Hey Guys

    This'll sound lame, but I was digging around for an interesting game to play and I pulled out LoTR 2 (Lords of the Realm 2), yes that old one, and I remembered fond times of playing it, but it seems that time has taken its toll and that poor LoTR runs too slow for my machine. Being dissapointed I put it back on the shelf but noticed MTW, yes the original, and that is because I fear change , but I began playing it again, and now I'm hooked, again.

    You may feel a tinge of pity and almost sadness because I live so far in the past, though you may feel better that I also have the Viking Invasion expansion.

    It was in playing that the whole reason for me stopping came back to light. I cannot stand the time limits. Not the training times, nor the season/yea rotations, but how right when I get somewhere I run out of time. Now in lookin around I also found that modding is not my strong point so poking around gave me shivers, but I found you guys via google, and I feel hopeful that someone here can help me out. Overall I'd like to know how I can extend the time limits to an indefinite amount of time, or to an extremely massive amount of time that would have me getting to sleep before finishing the game.

    Either way, I hope to find some awesom things here at the The Guild, and thanks for any help to come.

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    So you effictively want the game to finish later than 1463?

    I can't remember exactly/if this is possible. I do know that one way is to start the game earlier.


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    The game can be set to finish later than 1453 by adding the SetGameEndDate:: line to the era startpos files near the top of the file under the Early/High/Late start dates.

    So while it is currently:

    SetEarlyPeriodStartDate:: 1087
    SetHighPeriodStartDate:: 1205
    SetLatePeriodStartDate:: 1321
    You will want to add e.g. :

    SetEarlyPeriodStartDate:: 1087
    SetHighPeriodStartDate:: 1205
    SetLatePeriodStartDate:: 1321
    SetGameEndDate:: 1600
    This will give you more time. The variable should support "9999" or possibly more though I can't confirm this. If the SetGameEndDate is unspecified it is always 1453.

    The Viking campaign can also be extended in this fashion (or by just removing the line "SetGameEndDate:: 1066").
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    Hmm, I thought you might be talking about Time Limits on the Batttle Screens. If so there IS a setting in the options screen to turn off time limits in the battles.

    Options->Game->uncheck "Campaign Battles Time Limit"



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