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Thread: Faster Promotions?

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    Default Faster Promotions?

    Can fighting a battle a certain way earn a faster promotion for a Captain unit?

    It seems that when I fight a battle a certain way, my Captain unit gets a promotion to General. Or is this just a random thing.

    Can anyone verify this?

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    Default Re: Faster Promotions?

    If you win a Heroic Victory with a Captain-lead army, you will get the option to adopt that captain into your family as a member.

    There may be triggers other than Heroic Victories, but I know that's how it is in Rome and it's happened to me once so far in M2, so I know it's in.

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    Default Re: Faster Promotions?

    I've got adoption offers for my captains twice after they scored just clear victories. But perhaps that was because I didn't have to many family members at that time.

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    Default Re: Faster Promotions?

    I always thought it was based on how many family members you have at the time. If your tree is full you won't adopt the man of the hour but if you've had a few deaths then you get the option to promote captains.
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