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    Is there going to be a Napoleon For mTw2...
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    Yes NTW3. NTW2 (the lordz) people have said that their going to move to M2TW as soon as possible due to a few things that are fixed in m2tw that arent fixed in RTW.
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    Have they/we?

    I believe it's still up in the air as to wether or not The Lordz will move on to M2TW...

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    AFAIK they have not said so. Grapevine word is they won't, but we'll see

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    It will be a shame if they don't, NTW has been a big modding "series" since the original MTW and the Lordz are a very talented group.

    Its a case of waiting and seeing.
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    It will. IT's stays in the principals of The Lordz, is just a matter of fact and of time . Most of them are engage in other projects, and new fresh modders are need it , but the mind is still intact.

    It will be started , because for sure someone else will take initative and do the NTW3 mod for MTW2.

    Because is a superb mod and all the fans need it .


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