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Thread: Effect of command rating and chevrons?

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    Default Effect of command rating and chevrons?

    Has anyone figuered out what the effect of a generals command rating is? I haven't seen my units get extra experience from a high rankign general. The in-battle stats scroll doesn't seem to take command rating into account.
    Maybe it's just a morale bonus to your troops? Although i could have sworn that under the command of my 10 star heir, some feudal cavalry beat the enemy's cav rather badly, having roughly the same stats according to the in-battle info scroll.

    On a similar note: chevrons does only seem to affect the unit's stats every 3 levels or somthing, however, any confirmation about that's the same for the morale effect or is that applied with every level of xp?
    It would seem rather daft to have 10 levels of xp when only 4 of them have an effect.
    Anyhow, it kinda takes the sting out of the in-battle xp gains of a unit.

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    Default Re: Effect of command rating and chevrons?

    Dunno about command, but I posted my observations (which match yours) on the chevrons in the stickied FAQ. I think it's ok for a SP game balancing effect - stopping your units (esp. the regenerating generals bodyguard) getting too uber. One quirk I noticed was that my units each got a single chevron for completing a crusade - normally only one chevron does not raise stats, but in this context it did.


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