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Thread: Sieges - beta_7 criticism

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    Default Sieges - beta_7 criticism

    The seiges in this mod are horrible. They are all the same kind of castle, only differ in size. And you always have units as reinforcements (Even when you have less then 16 in castle). The "Stone" fortress is the same as a fort. And towers get shot down extremely easy.

    And, they are the only problem with my XL/Shogun modded game, which is going to have me delete shogun (Or maybe re-download mtw all together). The seige weapons are destroyed in game, and the forts are the same as shogun in the original campaign.
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    Default Re: Seiges

    The available models for making castles are limited right now. Larger castles are bigger (can hold more men) and on higher ground, but the towers are too weak and possibly the walls as well. For now, I've added more towers on the castles that will be released in beta_8. I'll take a look and see if I can figure out how to make the towers and walls stronger. If I can figure it out, I'll send that change to R'as for inclusion in the beta_8. The graphic apperance of the models is beyond the scope of what I do for this mod.

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    Default Re: Seiges

    Sorry mate, but you are not supposed to install the XL mod and Shogun mod on MTW/VI at the same time. That has messed up your game.
    Indications that something is wrong are the siege equipment, which STW doesn't have, and the repetitive castles.
    The beta_7 is far from perfect but the sieges are actually one big improvement in contrast to beta_5.


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    Default Re: Seiges

    let me know how much stronger,
    more hitpoints?
    more wepaons?
    which levels of tower and wall need more (or less) of each???

    and i'll tinker it all

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    Default Re: Sieges

    For beta8, I made the castle gate and walls much stronger and removed all the extraneous buildings so that more defending units start the battle inside the castle. I also use a small keep at the corners which looks much better than the towers, and is much stronger. In the future, perhaps more elaborate castles for use in the campaign can be made on large maps .
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