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Thread: Dacia and Tracia units

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    Default Dacia and Tracia units

    Hi everybody !

    Does any of you has created or know a mod to change the dacian units ?

    Or any advices ?

    My observations :

    1. Except from falxmen, all the dacian warriors were having clothes ( shirts, capes, etc ). There were no 'Naked Fanatics'.
    2. The falxmen were from the Bastarni tribe mostly ( a dacian tribe), and having a mercenary unit with this name available for Trace is incorrect and the same with the falxmen that Trace can recrut, the correct unit should be named 'Rompfaia infantry', and to be like the 'tracian mercenary' unit.
    3. Instead of dacian 'naked barbarians', the temple should enable recruitment of 'falxmen', and a new unit to replace 'falxmen', something like 'sword infantry' from Gaul. Here is difficult to choose, as dacians were using a wide range of medium weapons, like small falx sword - sica, normal sword, axes.
    4. Maby stone walls should be added, dacians were famous for their stone walls, 'murus dacicus'.
    5. Leader pics are the same as of gauls, incorrect. Dacian nobles were having either hats or helmets, but none were having the head uncovered, that was reserved for peasant . Also the helmets were different from the gauls one.

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    Default Re: Dacia and Tracia units

    You might want to check out RTR or EB since they're more historically accurate than vanilla RTW. If it's for your own personal use, you can just grab their models and use them in your game.


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