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Thread: Can diffrent mods be combined?

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    Default Can diffrent mods be combined?

    I have "The crusades" mod installed to my RTW game. I feel like having switching to another mod, but not having to un-install then re-install RTW and so on. Can I download another mod with TC mod on my game?
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    If you didn´t overwrite your only clean RTW install (and provided you have the HD space) it´s simple: copy-paste the whole RTW installation folder, and you´ve got a complete working independent second (third, fourth, etc) installation of RTW.
    Some mods, however, thankfully come with the modswitch feature, means they get installed into a subdirectoy of the RTW (or BI) folder and are activated by using a desktop shortcut that has a command line entryy which reads like "-mod:*modname*" or "-mod: BI/*modname*". If that is the case, you can have more than one mod on the same RTW/BI installation. However, before installing a mod read the readme carefully!


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