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Thread: "Marry Princess to Faction Heir" ?

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    Default "Marry Princess to Faction Heir" ?

    Hey, was just offered this option by a rival faction's diplomat. I was just wondering what they're talking about. Do they mean my princess or theirs?
    I seem to recall in the old MTW days the manual said you'd get a claim on the factions territories if you married a man into their family and the king died although i never actually saw it happen.
    In the MTW2 manual it says something about princesses marrying generals and them leaving your faction for theirs (and the other way around). Now all my generals are so stupifyingly inbred and chinless that letting them manage a settlement or lead an army would be just pain silly so letting my heir go and be an enormous drag-factor for them rather than me does makes this a more interesting proposition. By the same token their heir may actually be of some use...

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    Default Re: "Marry Princess to Faction Heir" ?

    Thats your Princess, its Marry Faction Heir to Princess if its your Prince.


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