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Thread: How to disband an agent?

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    I searched through the manual and I browsed the hotkey list and I cannot find how to disband agents?
    I started for the first time M2TW tonight (new to the game, but not new to the Total War) and the Pope wanted to recruit a priest. I recruited the priest, but several turns later he wants a new priest. I have have reached the agents limit and besides I don't think I need that much priests. So I started to search how to disband it and didn't find it. Tried to search the forum too but in vain.

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    Stupidly enough, not only can you not assassinate your own people, but you cannot disband them.

    Meaning that diplomat in Egypt is stuck there so no, you can't disband him and recruit another one so that the French don't rampage in and destroy you

    (Stupid. Need to be fixed.)
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    The only way I know to get shed of unwanted agents is to put them on a cheap boat and throw that boat at the nearest pirate fleet.

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