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Thread: Use of the governor setting

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    Default Use of the governor setting

    I suppose most people micromanage all of their settlements and did not trust the AI as in RTW. I find it has added something to my initial first campaign that I have to have governor in town in order to build something or call up new troops. I just send a general in, have him give orders and many times off he goes to the wars. Or, a general can shuttle from town to town...


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    I actually prefer to play this way because you have to really manage your generals, the only drawback is the cities without generals build stupid things and can bankrupt you. In several settlements, my cities build nothing but seige equipment and cost me some of my lands because I noticed it to late and couldnt build the troops I needed at my border, instead 30 ballista and catapults where built far away from the battle. Is there a way for the manager to only do buildings without manually changing it in each and every city?


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