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    Default Indian Long bow men

    Has anyone noticed anything odd with them?

    When i charge them with cavalry, not only are they nearly as fast at running as cavalry (the relative speed of the running man and running horse still bemuses me) but they seem to chew cavalry up on contact. When in loose formation and charged from behind while evading by a baktrian general cavalry unit and 'Mad whatever' cavalry (1 unit of each, 16 and 25 respectively, both armoured) they not only absorb the charge with few casualties (3 in this case) they cause eight casualties to the 'mad whaevers'. Is their bonus against chariots/elephants wrongly ascribed to cavalry?

    Also the long range bow seems to have a shorter range than most other archers. I put them in a line with three other archer types including horse archers and they fire last of the lot.

    Is this correct?

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    Not that it matters, but are you thinking of "Mad Asabara"? I remember that unit's name because "asbra", or in a more childish manner "asabra", means "damn good" in Swedish. Just had to mention that, yes. I'm sorry.

    On a more relevent note, I think the speed doesn't only apply to indian longbowmen. IMO it applies to all skirmishing units, as when the unit's retreating, the cavalry doesn't charge but 'pursue' (edit: which would actually put the speed problem at the cavalry's side, and not the skirmisher... stupid me). This prevents the cavarly to reach their top speed which is the charging speed. Also, when the skirmishing unit turns and charges, the cavalry is still only 'persuing', so the skirmishing unit, in this case Indian Longbowmen, is the only of the two who get any charge bonuses at all. The horses just closes in and fight (sometimes running back and forth, still listed as 'persuing'), and this is a known issue which, to my knowledge, isn't possible for anyone but CA to solve. Which they won't.
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    Wink Re: Indian Long bow men

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    Default Re: Indian Long bow men

    No he is talking about Indus Padiyodha...

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    Default Re: Indian Long bow men

    Quote Originally Posted by keravnos
    No he is talking about Indus Padiyodha...
    They were refering to the "Mad Whatever cavalry" that HFox refered to.

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    Default Re: Indian Long bow men

    Hey I encoutered those little fellows once. They had these freaking two-handed machetes. Gave me a heartattack...

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    Default Re: Indian Long bow men

    Yep....its the mad assbras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foot
    They were refering to the "Mad Whatever cavalry" that HFox refered to.

    I spy with my little eye a secret Unit Coverup..
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