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Thread: Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

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    Default Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

    The one thing I like about the college of cardinals was the fact you could get some diplomatic time with some of the factions.

    Since this is during Medievel times and jousting was a social event, I was wondering if there couldnt be a few things done to it.

    1. Allow a Joust Trait that gives command for horse troops

    2. Kings Champion Trait - When a tourney is held the COmputer picks a representative that has the best martial/command skill for each faction and they are awarded this title

    3. Tournament Winner - maybe a morale boost and popularity increase with the city

    Any faction with a jousting field can hold a tourney for x amount and would only apply to any non at war factions. Possibly a cap on how many can attend, or only ones who also have a jousting field.

    All factions invited would have a Kings Champion selected to represent their nation. Perhaps an auto resolve 1v1 matches to determine winner.

    Also during this time, like college of cardinals , you could do a little free diplomacy.

    So this would be a cheap way to keep diplomatic ties going with several factions perhaps put a space of yrs between when can call one. Or the winner is the one that has to hold the next one.

    Another option would be that anyone who has built a jousting field can apply and the computer randomly selects who will host and maybe like a sports schedule the even will have a set schedule of who hosts next and only when its your turn do you get to parley.

    Just an idea but I was hoping with all the cut scense and what not jousting would of had a bigger role.

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    Default Re: Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

    Well, there already is a line of TourneyKnight traits in the game that do give cavalry command bonus.

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    Default Re: Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

    1 Tourney Entrant
    2 Fair Jouster +1 (Cavalry)
    3 Good Jouster +1 (Cavalry)
    4 Knight of Heaven +2 (Cavalry)
    5 Tourney Champion +2 (Cavalry)

    1,2 and 3 get +1 Chivalry and 4 and 5 get + 2

    4 gets +1 Authority and 5 gets +2

    I like the idea tho as battlefield traits could affect the tourney entrants i.e scars etc give + hitpoints, and experience could count.

    Even though there are many traits I think there could be a lot more, specific traits for things that are random and perhaps given when the general is spawned.

    Perhaps we should have a thread of suggested traits and what (if anything) would trigger them?

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    Default Re: Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

    Actually, holding tourneys was a very important event during the later middle ages. It would be a cool idea to allow you to host one (at great expense) in order to improve relations with neighboring nations, as well is greatly quelling unrest in the region you hold it in.

    Perhaps they could be limited to castles?

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    Default Re: Jousting as a trait and future diplomatic process

    Found it a bit odd that my Byzantine Heir got the tourney knight trait...though there was the odd Byz emperor who indulged (and he was assasinated, as it made the nobles antsy) it really wasnt widespread-similar with byzantine generals getting chivalry-byzantines?! chivalric?! maybe if the traits wenrt into minus values.
    I do like the widened diplomatic system you get with the college of cardinals and so on..just wish I'd abused the fact of having a Venetian Pope in my Venice game for being a bit more brutal...ah well, the new one can always be assasina... I mean, have a bizzare and tragic gardening accident, yes......
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