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MTW2: Regnum Dei - All Factions version 1.7.7 Premium

  • Campaign: 1080 -1700 (covers the need for more playtime)
  • All the factions are playable on the same map - including: Aztec, Papal States, Mongols and Timurids.
  • If you play a nomad faction, then consider your self just a scouting clan arrived in Europe way before the main invasion. The larger invasion will come at the appropriate CA time and you will be able to control it. Until then you must survive by your own.
  • If not used by the player all the new factions (except the Pope) will have the AI & movement freeze. They will unfreeze at the invasion time or as usual for the Aztecs when they are discovered.
  • The nomad's invasion armies' size and skill has been reduced by 30-35%.
  • Mercenary boats have been added for the Aztecs.
  • 1 year equals 2 turns. Winter and summer can be seen in each year now.
  • The rebel settlements have been partially edited to better facilitate the historic growth of the AI factions.
  • Some factions are now more aggressive towards each other. Still relations can improve in time, etc. *See the main topic)

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Published by Nevada Modding Association and developed by The Trivium Organization.
Mod Developers: Burebista (Cain), Spartan, bdtj1815

Personal use only - The material in this modification cannot be used in any other public modification without the creator's express permission.

To check it out, visit MTW2: Regnum Dei - All Factions version 1.7.7 Premium