I observed gunpowder troops are pretty useless in the normal game (i mean seriously who's stupid enough playing France for example to switch from Scots Guard/ Aventurier to Arquebusiers), and musketeers are available to a very reduced number of factions (kinda stupid considering there are well over 200 years left of them compaign after gunpowder is discovered).

I know this is historically true, that guns were very dumb before 1630 when they invented the flint lock, but it's frustrating because u think that gunpowder will revolutionise the game and then u get hit with a unit situated ... a bit above the quality of peasant archers considering their morale and damage. Dissapointing.

Anyway, i think musketeers (a bit better than arquebusiers) should be available to more nations, it's kinda stupid that the french, renowned for their musketeers in the later periods (at least the way i know it, might be wrong) don't have them.

And for the modders that intent to lengthen the compaign take in consideration the fact guns become much more efficient after 1630. better gunpowder troops would be great to be introduced, to actually make a difference between a nation that has them and one that doesn't.

Note that i'm not reffering to artillery units which might even be a bit overpowered, they're ok as they are now imo.

Thanks for reading, and i do realise most of what i say would probably take a lot of time to be developed (don't think it is possible yet either without those extractors), but i think they're quite essential.