OK folks... I haven't seen a question to this effect yet so I'm going to start yet *another* Inquisitor thread dedicated only to mechanics, and also going to pose a few questions here. At the mod's discretion perhaps this can be merged with the campaign mechanics thread (or moved to a Ludus Magna-type forum should we get one, nudge nudge!) Here are the bits behind the Inquisitor mechanics so far as I gather them:

1. Only the Papal States faction can create Inquisitors.

2. Inquisitors only roam toward catholic lands, and ignore non-catholic factions.

3. They are drawn to a. areas with low catholic majority, b. high amounts of heresy and/or heretics/witches, c. areas with low standing on the Pope-o-matic Chart.

4. They can and do pretty much burn anything and anyone catholic they please within reach. Piety seems to offer mixed results, both high and low piety characters have been burnt.

5. Assassins seem to be the only "legit" way of dealing with them. Non-"legit" means include the "surround with army units then move an army unit onto their square" tactic, or using the "move_character" console command.


1. In regards to item 4 listed above; perhaps even high piety characters can be burnt that belong to a faction with low papal standing? It would seem that other members have posted results where they have had very little trouble from inquisitors, compared to others who've had high piety crusading generals burnt.

2. Where do inquisitors source from? Do they just randomly pop up on the map? Or are they created in Rome/any Papal States city and them march off to wherever?

3. Others?

One of these days maybe I'll hit member status and can edit my post as people add to this. In the mean time, perhaps one of our beloved mods can do so.