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Thread: Using "Refusal of Senate Missions" as a trigger?

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    Default Using "Refusal of Senate Missions" as a trigger?

    I'm making a trait "disrespectful of the senate" as an experiment, is there any way I can make not doing a senate mission trigger this trait?

    Also, I'd like to know if there is a way to make doing senate missions trigger a trait, since I'll do "respectful of the senate" next.

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    Default Re: Using "Refusal of Senate Missions" as a trigger?

    Oh, and can I make a "faction alive" condition for the trait? I don't want my guys to be obsessed with the senate or hate the senate if the senate no longer exists.

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    Default Re: Using "Refusal of Senate Missions" as a trigger?

    Unless anyone else has any bright ideas you need to try and work out ways to test this for yourself! From limited experience with traits and ancillaries, things that work as triggers / conditions for ancillaries or script commands don't necessarily work as trait triggers. And its quite possible to code things that don't crash or produce -show_err reports etc. but still don't actually produce any effect in game

    Trigger senate5
    WhenToTest LeaderSenateMissionSuccess
    Affects PlainRomanVirtue 1 Chance 10
    There is already this trigger in vanilla so that
    WhenToTest LeaderSenateMissionSuccess could be used for your respectful of senate trait.

    for negative version, there isn't at the moment anything that says WhenToTest Not...
    or WhenToTest LeaderSenateMissionFail/ure etc but you could always experiment....

    (I'm not holding out a lot of hope though as none of the trait / ancillary triggers beyond versions of vanilla that I've tried have worked)
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    Default Re: Using "Refusal of Senate Missions" as a trigger?

    Thanks. I guess I'll try it later.


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