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Thread: Unlocking factions?

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    Default Unlocking factions?

    Hey Guys,

    This has probably been discussed before but I fail to find any info on this...

    I've played a short campaign with the English, conquering 15+ provs and killing off the Scots and Frogs. I got the victory screen and so I went back to the main menu to see whether I could play any of the locked faction - I can't!! They're still not unlocked.

    So, my first question is why is that?
    and secondly, how can I unlock them by editing?


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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    Go to the medieval2.preference in the main total war directory and replace pref_factions_played = 0 to a 1

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    In my file it says pref_factions_played = 2097183 instead of 0

    Should I still just change the value to 1?

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    Do as follows rather:

    Open the medieval2.preference.cfg file and add this code line as text:

    unlock_campaign = true

    Save the text file. Start a new campaign and Voila!

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    err, AFAIK it is done otherwise. Don't do that untill u are certain what to do. Dont know the specific file, but you have to edit a file in which you remove faction names from one area to another.

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    Check the first post in this thread:

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    Ok thanks guys.

    > Off testing

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    Default Re: Unlocking factions?

    Both ways to unlock the factions are working. They are in the "Tips and FAQ for M2TW" thread by the way.


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