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Thread: a suggestion for dead ideas

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    Default a suggestion for dead ideas

    not sure where to put this thread...

    i think it would be neat if someone sticked a thread or made a seperate place for ppl who can post ideas for a unit, or a full mod, or ect. that for whatever reason they abandoned
    someone elses dead idea could be just what another mod may need

    this could be a really bad idea,
    or one with some merit
    im just throwing it out
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    Default Re: a suggestion for dead ideas

    If someone had actually created something that could be used by another mod then I'd agree - hence the Bits n Bobs Archive in the Forge.

    For just ideas though, I don't think modders are short of ideas - and if they were they could look through the dozens of mods in development that have not and will never be completed for inspiration.
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