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Thread: Movie Editor?

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    Question Movie Editor?

    Posted this on the .com forums, but I'm afraid it will have been pushed down many pages there before I check on it again, and still not be answered. So I'll try my luck here as well.

    The movie editor was introduced in R:TW with the 1.2 patch, if I recall correctly (and subsequently neutered with the latest patches where it wouldn't render frames anymore), and could be activated with a "-movie_cam" tag in the shortcut.

    Anyone know if it also made it to MII:TW, or if not, whether it will still be introduced with the patch? I never did spend a lot of time with it in R:TW, but I have a feeling I could really have some good fun with it.

    And yes, I know I could use FRAPS to make movies, but primo, it would be all choppy (definitely so with my 512 MB of RAM) and secundo, you can't make those really cool camera moves with it.

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    Default Re: Movie Editor?

    I love the follow unit cam.
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