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Thread: Musketeers and other guns unit

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    Im a newbie . Got this game 3 days ago but I just cant seem to find out how to use the musketeers.. or its a bug in the game.

    Here's my problem..
    I line my musketeers up 3 rows, 10 in each row or so. I wait for the enemy to get close to shoot but when I move my mouse over the enemy, my mouse turns into a bow with a X on it. That means i cant shoot from what i remember but why cant i shoot enemy that are RIGHT in front of me?
    By the way, those Musketeers werent reloading or anything. They were just standing there and once I saw the enemy close enough, I clikced on them but nothing happened but rather my guys retreated.

    Sometimes it gives me the bow with a X when i try to shoot enemy with musketeer from ANY range.

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    If it is raining or snowing the muskets won't fire.Try a custom battle in ths summer season and pick one musket unit for each side.Make sure it is not raining and then try it.If it does not work check out Erado-san's tech dojo,maybe he can help you.Good luck and welcome to the Shogun community!
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    also check and make sure the "Fire At Will" icon on the top row of icons is lit up. your guns can either fire on there own at troops when they get near enough or u can click on the enemy and make the muskets move closer and attack. BTW it is also the same for archers.


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