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    Are there any mountedarcher units available in this game. I ask because I was hoping to reenact Belisarius´conquest of North Africa and Rome where he used extensively and with damaging effect Mounnted German Archers who he personally had trined in the Stadium in Byzantium.


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    For BI? Yep, I'm pretty sure there are mounted archers although I'm not sure if the Byzantines have one...You could try the Huns though, they have a lot of cavalry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewmuir
    Are there any mountedarcher units available in this game.
    Is the Pope a Catholic? Lots of mounted archer units in BI - e.g. the Huns are mainly of that type. And the AI uses them rather well.

    If you get BI, I recommend Goth's all factions mod. The Romans get some normal horse archers and some more armoured Hipoo Toxotai. Both are very useful. I think they get the Hippo Toxotai in the vanilla game - not sure about the regular horse archers.

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    I see your question regards RTW as well as BI try Scthia and Dacia for the best horse archer factons in that game


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