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Thread: Making roads more effective?

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    Default Making roads more effective?

    I've looked around here, and found nothing thus far. Is it possible to make roads grant a larger movement bonus?

    In the alternative, how do I go about making it so that all units get a further movement range?

    Thank you in advance. In the meantime, I'll keep browsing around here.

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    In the export_descr_buildings.txt file, there are 4 roads - 2 each for castle/town settlements. Each has a 'road level' number - by default, 0 for dirt roads, 1 for paved. Increasing these numbers increases movement points along roads - but also adds (a little) to trade income.

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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    Thank you for the reply. So, all I need to do is increase that number, sweet!

    Any idea how much each increase adds to the movement points? Or how much trade it adds?

    I suppose I could test it out, but I'm wondering if anyone has a quick answer.

    Edit - I figured out how to mod the movement points. I'll test the roads myself now...
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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    I changed the dirt road from 0 to 4, loaded as England (on bigmap 0.99). Trade with Nottingham on start changed from 42 to 51; not enormous, but if it's a % that's over 20%. Travel I didn't count, but I'd say my general had an extra 5 or 6 tiles available, maybe 35-40% extra.

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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    Movement points in general can be changed in the descr_character.txt file.
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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    Thank you, Richard. I finally remembered that once I started poking around in the RTW data folders.

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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    Where's this file at anyway?

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    Default Re: Making roads more effective?

    In the data folder.


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