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    Ave everyone, just wanted to say hi as I am a new member, I have been playing rome total war for about 2 years and have tried rome total realism and I just recently downloaded the beta version of europa barbarbora (I probably spelled that wrong ) im probably rambling, just wanted to say I love the mod so far and I will be here to post in the future.

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    sorry didn't notice the intro thread a mod can delete this thread if they want

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    well, welcome anyway.

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    welcome to the org.! Hope you become a full member soon and help contribute to the guild. Oh, and by the way, it is Europa Barbarorum. Hope you get a chance to play M2TW soon.

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    thanks for the welcome guys, also I forgot to ask, how can I get to the Europa Barbarorum sub forums?

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    Welcome Hellenic_Hoplite.
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    Welcome, Hellenic_Hoplite, to the Org

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    Default Re: hey everyone

    Hello Hellenic_Hoplite.
    Ja mata


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    Welcome Hellenic_Hoplite Enjoy your stay
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    Ja mata, TosaInu

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    yo sup dude welcome.
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    Welcome .
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    welcome Hellenic_Hoplite!


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    Yeah, we talked few days ago in the chat.Or Im wrong.

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