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Thread: Wierd charge behavior

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    I noticed something wierd in a recent battle. I know all about the infamous "Lets switch to swords before impact" problem, this is very different.

    I had a unit of 120 dismounted feudal knights. Along comes an enemy bodyguard unit (early Moors). They are headed to my guys, so I order my footsoldiers to charge them.

    In RTW, if you did that, the horses would hit your troops and some of your guys would die, then the melee would start.

    In this case, since the horsemen were going down a street, they were about 3-4 wide, and about 5-10 horses long (I think there were 40-50 bodyguards). The lead group hits (about 5-6 horses), all the horses slow down (because the lead horses hit), and none of my guys died. Good, I think, they absorbed the charge. Suddenly, the number of guys in my unit start dropping like a rock. I think I lost 50 guys in about 3 seconds. These are tough guys (defence of 23), and the horses of the attacker have basically stopped (they're still moving forward). So what the heck is killing my guys? I get down to about 40 guys left (he has about 35 left at this point) and I realize they need help, so I send in some reinforcements to help out my swordsmen. They finish off the bodyguards and I have 14 guys left of the original 120.

    There's something fishy about this. It's almost like MTW2 has a mode for cavalry where anything they touch dies. I saw this a few days ago when 2 bodyguard horsemen (all that were left after an earlier engagement) did a 10ft charge into my guys (we were fighting over the town square). 15 guys died within a few seconds.

    IMO, this is ridiculous. I much preferred RTW, where guys pushed around by the charge didn't insta-die like in MTW2. Not only does it seem that the AI can maintain a charge, while my horsemen refuse to hit with their lances, but the AI horses appear to have nerve-toxin on their skin or something.

    I'm all for having an impressive charge, but a) it should look believable, and b) it should be based on something other than "charge mode on, insta-kill anything touched".

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    Delayed charge results catching up to you. Several times I would pull off a perfect charge and nothing would die, then 5 seconds later (after most of my knights have been killed in the resulting melee) huge masses of men just collapse. Cavalry charges in M2TW have been massively boosted in their effect (but the bug keeps you from pulling them off; not the AI though). Cavalry have an 'insta-kill' against anything they charge except pikes, where it's the horses that get 'insta-killed'. There's even a debate going on about whether or not troops in skirmish formation stand a better chance of resisting cavalry than regular formations (less of them get killed in the charge but their combat ability in the melee suffers).

    CA has already said they are interested in tweaking charges so I suspect they are not very sure themselves about how this uber battering ram of death is going to be received by us.

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    I think hoof is right, there is some bug with the charge bonus being on or off; last night I had men dying when some General Bodyguards were u-turning out of my infantry mass. It wasn't just kills from the knights swinging because entire clumps of men unlucky enough to be beside the horses just died as well. It would have been comical had the 40 bodyguards not killed 400 men just by turning around in my formation.

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    Default Re: Wierd charge behavior

    I have noticed this too, I hope CA has as well.

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    Default Re: Wierd charge behavior

    What you witnesses was the fabeled 'Death Knights' in action, one touch and anything they come into contact with melts. Religious Fanatics are your only hope, throw them in front of these unholy warriors and run for the hills!!


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