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Thread: Help with 1.3 patch

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    Question Help with 1.3 patch

    Im having trouble installing the 1.3 patch, Ive uninstalled eb .74 and Rome 1.2
    and installed rome 1.0
    When i try to run Rome - Total war 1.3 patch.exe i get an error message
    Setup has experienced an error

    Please do the following
    -Close any running programs
    -Empty your temporary folder
    -Check your Internet Connection (interenet Based Setups)
    Then try to run Setup again

    Error Code: -6001
    Ive un and reinstalled it and it still not working, anybody know how th fix this?

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    Default Re: Help with 1.3 patch

    try this, go to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\Runtime" and delete a folder named "0701".
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    Default Re: Help with 1.3 patch

    Thank You


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