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Thread: Can't Load 0.8

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    Default Can't Load 0.8

    Ok, so I just put RTW 1.5 on the computer, and then download the 0.8 version from your site. Whenever I load the game it will load for about a minute with the opening screen and then spin down, where it proceeds to do nothing. I can't alt+tab to another screen, or otherwise do anything on the computer. So then I reset my computer and it attempts to clean the c drive and I notice everytime this happens it deletes a bunch of things from EB, but they aren't the same files every time so I don't think it's a case of some bad files from the install.

    I took off everything again, re-installed RTW, patched to 1.5, then installed EB again and still the same thing happened. Is there something I did wrong or does v0.8 just take a substantially longer time to load than .74?

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    Loading times are much longer. Just be patient and wait the few minutes it may take to load.

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    The first time you start a campaign, a new map.rwn is generated which takes time, but the first time you start a new build of RTW at all, the vegetation.db file has to be generated, and it does take a substantially long time to do it. Subsequent start ups are much quicker then. But we aren't talking ten minutes or anything. I'd guess three max. Maybe a little longer if your system is really slow anyway.


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