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Thread: export_descr_building.txt - What now?

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    Default export_descr_building.txt - What now?

    Okay, I've never modded before except changing around some items in the .txt files of RTW. My favorite change being to make all the buildings take less time to complete so that I could build up lots of awesome cities quicker. I'm more of a city building guy than an empire management guy and in the process of conquering in self defense I've always grown my borders faster than my cities which I wasn't a fan of.

    So I have my export_descr_building.txt file and can change the construction times in the .txt file itself. I don't just want to make a mod, I'd like to permanently change the game itself (with a backup .txt of course) but it seems like all these files are posted without telling me where to simply put the .txt file.

    The export_descr_building.txt doesn't currently exist that I've found so I don't have an easy file to just overwrite.


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    Default Re: export_descr_building.txt - What now?

    Okay, I followed these instructions:

    1. Create a .bat file(make a .txt then rename the extension) in the Medieval II Total War folder with this line in it:

    medieval2.exe @mymod.cfg

    2. Copy and paste the medieval2.preference.cfg file, rename the copy to mymod.cfg, and add this to it:

    mod = mymod

    (it also helps to set this file to read-only as otherwsie the changes seem to be lost)

    3. Create a new folder inside the Medieval II Total War folder called mymod. Then create a folder called data inside that.

    4. Copy the world and sound folders from Medeival II Total War\data to Medeival II Total War\mymod\data.

    5. Then place any modified text files in the mymod\data folder.

    6. Run the game using the .bat file.

    But it's not letting me choose the grand campaign. All I did was put the buildings file into the data folder. What else do I need to move into mymod to get the grand campaign to work?

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    Default Re: export_descr_building.txt - What now?

    Copy the world and sounds folders to your mod data directory too.

    That should work.



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