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Thread: Instant CTD for 0.8?

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    Default Instant CTD for 0.8?

    I ran the setup and it installs the files to <RTW path>\EB. In this case it just ran 1.5. So I figured I'd back up the 1.5 Data folder to Data.bak and I took the Data folder from \EB and copied it into the RTW directory. (This is a fresh 1.5 install by the way). After moving the data folder I try to open RomeTW.exe I see the introduction screen for EB and then it crashes. Any ideas?
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    Ahh, thanks to Cheexsta's post about playing with BI and my infallable logic I realized that there are arguments associated with the shortcut that I didn't realize went to my desktop and not looking into -mod. But I put the Data back in \EB and renamed my old Data, loaded from the shortcut and viola. Cookies are to be distributed at your leisure.
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