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Thread: Naval Drydock... how?

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    Default Naval Drydock... how?

    Hi guys,

    Where can you actually build a Naval Drydock and what are the prerequisits? If you look in the building browse, when you search from a city, it says it's only available at a castle. When you search from a castle, it says it's only available in a city... what's that all about? Do I need to specialise a city or a castle for my elite navY?

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    Default Re: Naval Drydock... how?

    It is available in a city for sure (cause I built a lot of it ). Don't know wether you can build it in a castle. I think you can because war harbours are normally available for both forms of settlement. But why have a castle near the sea? Don't you like making money?

    Perequisits for it are the second last tier of dockyard (which is the last tier of dockyard before turn c. 160) in the settlement and the message that the world is round about 1400/turn 160.
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    Default Re: Naval Drydock... how?

    Certain things are triggered by certain events, and they don't show on the building browser until that even happens. If you start a new campaign, you can look at your building browser and it will show you every building you can build before the development of gunpowder. If you look at the top end barracks/stable building, you can right click on the name of troops you can't yet recruit, and it will bring up the stats on them. However, nothing that requires gunpowder shows, so the dockyard, gunsmith, army and royal barracks, cannon towers and such don't show on the building browser, nor do the troops they enable. Once you get the Gunpowder Discovered event, they're all there. You need the event The World is Round before the next set shows.
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