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    Has anyone figured out the deal with the faction heir (how to change him or at least how the game decides who will be the faction heir)? I can't remember where, but someone suggested that the best general becomes the faction heir. I don't think this is true. Does anyone know anything about this, or is it a "wait and see what the Patch has" kind of deal?
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    I have found triggers for faction heirs but they dont seem to indicate the conditions for firing. However if you remove the trait exheir then you should be able to assign faction heirs using the give_trait this command in the console.
    All found in the export_descr_character_traits.txt file

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    So anyone found how to "fix" this? I would like to choose my own heirs cuz bloodline doesn't realy work

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    I tried this out during a game, by removing the trait from my faction heir and placing it on another male, then killing off my king.

    It didn't work in changing the Heir.

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    Most of my heirs seem to go to the oldest sibling, one of which was rather a coward.

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    Is there a console command for makeing some character a leader?

    And if you add a trait - whats the script for that?

    console_command give_trait Jebe BecomesFactionLeader
    console_command give_trait "FactionLeader" Jebe
    console_command give_trait BecomesFactionLeader Jebe
    console_command give_trait Jebe IsFactionLeader
    console_command give_trait IsFactionLeader Jebe
    console_command give_trait IsFactionLeader Jebe
    console_command ShortcutTriggered "Jebe" BecomesFactionLeader
    console_command ShortcutTriggered BecomesFactionLeader "Jebe"

    Nothing seems to work :(
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