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Thread: Italian Allies?

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    Default Italian Allies?

    I was just wondering what I need in order to produce these units? Is it possible or may they only be recruited as mercenaries? Are there any at all for that matter?
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    what do you mean by italian allies, do you mean ones you can recruit through the foreign MIC if you conquer that region?

    if thats what you mean then i think you can only recruit troops in southern italy in the form of samnite spearmen/swordsman, and in the greek italian areas there are the typical hellenic units.

    i wish there were some units to train in rome and arretium

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    You can train Gallic units if you take the northern italian cities like Bononia.

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    Default Re: Italian Allies?

    Anybody figure out how to recruit the extraordinarii troops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmlax999
    Anybody figure out how to recruit the extraordinarii troops?
    By making one unit ordinary, and have ONE weird looking unit in an army.

    ...Or just by having them in a giant amount of battles.

    ..I don't know.
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