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Thread: Compensation for shortcomings

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    Default Compensation for shortcomings

    I love playing as the brutii, Roman discipline and port city wealth. Though they are lacky in cavalry variety. I made up with that by simply using one brand, Roman cavalry cheap and easy to use, and after defeating the main spear factions, Greece and Macedon ( and letting the other Romans take care of the rest) my cavalry reign supreme, they are my shock troops and my key element lies in the mass charge (212-264 horses bearing down on infantry that is at most 120 men strong (eastern spearmen, and yes I do attack from sides and behind, I let my infantry take them on front first.).

    So there, I turned A short coming into an advantage. How have You done the same?

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    Default Re: Compensation for shortcomings

    I used the AI's shortcomings (eg lack of tactics and/or common sense) to crush them under my boot, whether playing as Julii, Gaul, Britannia or Iberia.


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    after the reforms Rome has no weaknesses it adds best morale in game with the best range of unit choicres its a shame they can only buy the odd mercanary elephant unit though. has anyone been able to buy mecenary chariots or do they not exist?


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