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Thread: Mod of the Year contest

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    Default Mod of the Year contest

    There are various Mod of the Year contests out there right now, unfortunately some have had their nominations before December even started. still has votes ongoing though on their site (click on the image below). If anyone feels EB merits consideration for that, here is the link:

    Anywhere else folks think it's a good place to mention EB or any other contests like this - please let us and the community know about it.

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Well, EB SHOULD win, because EB is, as far as RTW mods go, the absolute best there is... It has the most content, it's the most historically accurate, it's been worked on for years by mature people and not kids, and if you're looking for a campaign you can really immerse yourself in then EB is the way to go with the awesome traits system... So really i think it's unfair to enter EB in best mod contests...

    It's like entering a BMW into a most beautiful car contest, where all the other cars are 1960's Skodas.

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    But it's not even listed in that site. Just search for RTW mods.

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Couldn't figure it out at first, then I realized I'm an idiot. Done, voted for EB!

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    Post Re: Mod of the Year contest

    I voted for EB too
    Who wouldn't want to vote for (perhaps) the most immersing mod for RTW?

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Hmm, you have to register, because...

    Everybody can vote all they want, however, guest votes only count in the event of a tie.
    Ah, what the hell, it will only take just some minutes, that`s the least I can do...


    PS: Is there any other contest about mods and such on which we can vote for EB?

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Rest in Peace TosaInu, the Org will be your legacy
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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    EB ftw. The only thing that made me enjoy RTW.



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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Says it's in Phase 2 right now and the only one in RTW for Top 100 was LoTR :(
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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    Thanks anyway. If anyone sees other contests that EB might be considered for, and if you think the mod deserves being considered, please bring it to everyone's attention.

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    Default Re: Mod of the Year contest

    WTF?! LOTR? Gah. Who ever heard of that mod! *indignant*



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