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Thread: BETA Campaign Update

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    Default BETA Campaign Update

    Here is a quick fix based on comments about rebelling cities. All cities now have a minimum of 1000 population. Hopefully this will reduce the CTD problem. Also added was more population to the strongholds. They now start with over 2000. Which should allow you to recruit more order units right for the start.


    This is a BETA fix, I have not had a chance to test it. So PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE BACK UPS OF BOTH DESCR_STRATS (Crusader and Saracen) before overwritting with this file. If it works I will release a proper installer for the fix. Remember after you replace the descr_strat files delete the map.rwm file.


    1) Download file

    2) Extract to safe location

    3) Back up your original descr_strat files

    4) copy and paste the descr_strat text files into the appropriate folders

    5) delete the map.rwm

    6) play


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    Default Re: BETA Campaign Update

    Thx..looking fwd for the proper installer for the fix..thx again gonna try it..

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    Default Re : BETA Campaign Update

    The links are dead... can you upload again the fix ?
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    Default Re: Gay Pride Festival draws thousands in Salt Lake

    Quote Originally Posted by jklm559 View Post
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