Hall of Fame 2006 Modding Awards - Nominations Open!

Threads are now open for members to nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame 2006 Awards for all activity and items released in the 2006 calendar year.

Remember, it's especially important when nominating a mod to include a rationale on why you think it should win that award and a link to it so others can be impressed!

There are no M2TW specific categories this year as due to various factors this game's modding scene is just getting going. However there are several categories which stretch across the entire Total War series. Remember to read the category description in each nomination thread before making a nomination, inappropriate nominations will not go to the vote.

Best Modding Guide Writer

The Vercingetorix award for the Best Modding Tool Creator who is not Vercingetorix

Best Individual 3D Artist

Best Individual 2D Artist

Most Promising Mod for the Total War series

Best Original Audio