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Thread: Crossbows from rear ranks (shooting through front units)

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    Default Crossbows from rear ranks (shooting through front units)

    I zoomed in on unit of my crossbows standing on a bridge and darned... I started to miss MTWI. In the older version of the game, only the front row of a crossbow unit would shoot (second, while the front would be reloading). In MTW2 - it's RTW all over again. My bridge crossbow unit was 15 ranks deep and ALL the ranks were shooting not even in a arch (as they do in a silly fashion when placed on walls) but in a straight line right through the front ranks... I will post a screenie later. Looks funny (and no friendly fire casualties...).

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    Default Re: Crossbows from rear ranks (shooting through front units)

    thats weird, my x-bows usually shoot in an arc is theres something in front of them O.o;
    oh and no volley fire it seems =P. they just randomly shoot.

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