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Thread: [3d artists read it!]CA leaves modders a present ...

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    Exclamation [3d artists read it!]CA leaves modders a present ...

    ...a complete MTW2 model in cas format! Together with the new skeleteon!

    So if anyone wants to see how the new models look like (and check the polycount, etc) or get a grab on the new skeleton - just open a file called sword_unit.cas form \Models_strat folder using Verigocentrix cas importer

    Huge thanks CA! We love you!

    BTW. The current polycount, for a single foot soldier is over 1200 tris without a shield (~160 tris), sword (~140 tris) and pouch (~40 tris) models. That's more than twice those of RTW!

    EDIT: There are even more models!

    I've just found the Aztec general model - it has over 2300 tris! Also, it uses a different skeleton - similiar to one from RTW
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    Default Re: [3d artists read it!]CA leaves modders a present ...

    I hope you understand that these are not the battle-map models, only the strategy-map models.

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