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Thread: A cop in jail

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    Default A cop in jail

    Hello all orgah's.
    Caius is trying to write something, a little story about a cop and an investigation.

    29 of October, year 2008

    Other day started in my life.Two continuated days working in the police station maked me become confused.3 people killed, and anything matched here.There is a suject(or a mafia) who is killing, who is making this, is making a big disaster here.The phones ring many times, and the people thing they are unsure here.I need more help here, but the theft of the West Bank makes all the cops work in that theft and left me alone in the investigation.
    But today I'm angry, maybe i need to sleep more.

    The phone rang many times.

    I didnt want to hear the person who is calling, but it was the boss in the line 1.
    -Agent Johnson?
    -Yes?, i said that very unsure, i waited something awful.
    -Come to my office,can you come now?
    -Wait for me minute and i will be there

    I hope you like it

    Caius F
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    Lightbulb Re: A cop in jail

    The story itself sounds promising, but I am afraid I don't quite get the first paragraph.
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