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    My computer sometimes blue screens on my while playing EB (the only times its blue screened on me is when i'm playing EB or RTR). Ususaly what happens is the game freezes up for a second or two, then when I move the mouse, it gives the the BSOD. It almost always happens in battles, although I've had it happen to me in the regular campaign map once. Apparently, what causes it is a device driver, nv4_disp.dll, going into an infinite loop.

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    Is it just too much for your cpu? What are your computer's specs? If it's EB and RTR that caused it, it might be that the graphics load during battles is just too much. Do you have most video options on high? Do you have the largest unit size selected for your campaigns?

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    How would that stuff send the driver into an infinte loop? More then that, whay would mod's of RTW be the only thing to send it into infinite loops, while it handles plenty of other games just fine?


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