I've been trying out the Sabeans for about 20 years game time.Here's a quick review.
1.Buildings-So far theres a lack of variety with mostly basic buildings (roads,barracks,markets,schools,etc.).To bad theres no temples
2.Military-A mostly infantry (so far any ways) army,its been real fun for me and my lack of cavalry expertise.Variety is good with units such as Arab Levies,Ethiopia Spearmen, and Red Sea Axemen.One of my favorite army setups.
3.Economy-While not extraordinary,it does cover military support with some profit.
4.Diplomacy-Two major powers bidding for power nearby,what more to say.
5.Position/Geography-Desert,lots of desert.
Overall the Sabeans have become a favorite faction of mine.Great army,supportive economy,and a challenging position being almost directly in the middle of the Selukids and Ptlomei (I know I spelled that wrong).