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Description: This mod fixes broken agents, princessess, many character traits and ancillaries in vanilla Medieval 2.

It is compatible with any non-VnV / ancillary mod, and aims to change nothing in vanilla Medieval 2 but what is broken.


Assasssins / Princesses / Diplomats losing all Good- traits instead of one point on unsuccessful mission: Now working as intended, failed missions now only reduce trait by one point.
Princesses completely fixed, see below.
All generals/family start with base Piety of 3 (ReligionStarter trait now fixed)
Many traits assigned to incorrect character types have been corrected or replaced (ie triggers trying to give family members SmoothTalker trait, a diplomat trait, have been replaced with RhetoricSkill).
Many trait errors giving incorrect values fixed.
Restored trait triggers for generals who are active & leading armies to balance traits triggered by sitting around in cities


All now spawn with default Charm 3 (neutral traits to character on marriage)
Princesses now get random traits at coming-of-age like characters
Appropriate Princess traits now self-perpetuating
Secret Love ancillary slightly less common
Inital Princessess on starting a new campaign WILL have +2 Charm too much. To change this I would have to alter the descr_strat.txt file, which would then conflict with most other mods.
(Princesses may in fact now have too much charm, feedback welcome for v1.1)


Non-family generals can now get traits for administration / tax etc while governor. Since non-family generals only seem to exist at the start of the game, it hardly matters. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Good / Bad Taxman trait now linked tax level of city that general is governing. Castles unaffected (since tax level unalterable).
GoodAdministrator trait now linked to being an active governor
BadAdministrator trait now linked to having an unneccessarily unhappy population. Trait now is opposite of GoodAdministrator, instead of opposite of GoodTrader...
Being an InspiringSpeaker once again inspires your soldiers as well as your population (possibly this wasn't a mistake by CA, please complain if you want this removed from the fix mod)
Being a BoringSpeaker now actually has consequences
No more 20 yr old 'Scarface's, BattleScarred trait now takes considerably longer to max
FertileWife trait now given to family members on marriage (if appropriate to Princess married) instead of, er, admirals...
Radically reduced likelyhood of brothels or above to give Drink/Feck/Girls traits
Fixed threshold for Prim trait so it works correctly with triggers
PublicAtheism trait now working, generals who wander too long among heretics or slaughter innocent co-religionists beware...
Balanced ExpensiveTastes trait thresholds (Extravagent, Royally Extravagent etc) to be more in line with similar traits & antitraits.
Balanced Ignorance trait to be more in line with Intelligence anti-trait.
GoodDiplomacy and BadDiplomacy traits now active in limited way, more to come.
VictorVirtue trait triggers fixed, generals can now develop the Victor line of traits correctly.
Admirals now gain command stars more reliably, and gain retinues from winning battles.
Admirals no longer gain command stars or retinue on creation (no more 1star fleets appearing from training and being unable to merge)


Good/BadArtilleryCommander and Good/BadGunpowderCommander seem to be unfixable, as there are no unittype parameters for those units. Please PM me if you know otherwise.

==v1.1 COMING SOON==

All broken trait / ancillary triggers to be fixed
All inactive traits (20-30 of them) to be activated so they will appear in game
More complex trait interaction than current
Crusader traits / ancillaries to be re-examined (ie stop skipping from Level 1 'Crusader' to Level 3 'Grand Crusader' so easily)
Some ancillaries to be inheritable (in original CA file but broken)


Please post feedback & bugs in this thread at www.tw-center.net forums.
Tell me what I have missed or what you think needs fixing so I can include it in future versions.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE OR USE IN YOUR OWN MODS, as long as you acknowledge source and link to thread where I can get feedback. Enjoy!

To check it out, visit Vices & Virtues FIXES v1.0 for Medieval 2 (with patch 1.1)